Danielle Ryder Photography

My Name is Danielle Ryder. I was born and raised on Cape Cod. After graduating Harwich High School, I went to Wheelock College for Special Education. I obtained a bachelors degree and I am a licensed Pre-K-8th grade SPED teacher. I am a mom of two wonderful children, Shea-Owen and Chloe. I have always taken photographs as a personal hobby and passion. I started this business journey when I had my son.  I then started taking pictures of friends' children, close family members and my own children. Through word of mouth and passionate friends, my name has gone from friend to friend and my photography journey continued. I decided in August of 2011 to make my photography passion official and started Danielle Ryder Photography.     

My personal photography style is focused around mostly candid, natural light photography. During my portrait sessions, I enjoy watching children play and have fun in front of the lens. Allowing children to explore and create wonder and excitement during sessions truly makes for beautiful portraits. I do provide fun props, locations and directions when needed, but I'm the photographer running with your toddler and making them laugh, encouraging happy smiles and light hearted fun sessions. I have been called upon by many parents who say their child just won't sit still in the studio, or will not smile for my pictures. My goal is for you to walk away from the session with a smile, knowing that I captured beautiful moments and made them perfect memories.  At weddings I am often out of sight capturing candid special moments, that glimmer of love between the bride and groom, the smile from mom when dad gives the bride away, the first kiss to the last dance, I aim to retell your wedding day through my pictures. I am sure to pay attention to details of your ceremony, your reception, even down to the sparkle on your shoe. I always ensure the bride and groom are enjoying their day, worry-free and happy! I truly enjoy photography and I know it shows through my pictures. I thank everyone who has helped me build this dream and continues to support me. As I always say, shop and support local!

capturing Moments & Making Memories

Taking those moments and creating lasting memories for my clients is what my work is all about. From the candid fun at the beach to the first birthday celebrations, the beginning of life and the events that make life what it is. I enjoy what I do, and I love giving my clients those forever treasures.